Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fort Jackson Twin Lakes & Old Heise's Pond

Fort Jackson! 
 What a rustic surprise!  I felt like a kid roaming through the woods again! The trail on the fort is pretty long.  So I picked a part of it that was farthest from the gate.  I parked at Twin Lakes Park (beautiful).  Then found the trail---not the asphalt one, but the one through the woods!

Above is a pic of a swamp.  I wish it had come out clearer, but the foliage can't help but thrive in this damp summer we've been having. 

The dogs and I took about 45 minutes and Map My Walk says we covered 2 miles. 

Below is a Google Map of Twin Lakes (bottom left corner) and Old Heise's Pond (top right corner).  The trail goes through the woods the whole time.
Ok, this is just a crazy side-note:  only for those who really read the fine-print. On the way home from our walk, Dixiana rode in the front seat of the car.  Then, about 10 minutes later, she jumped into the back seat and Fred came up front.  Then, I swear, the word pi$$ed off took on a whole new meaning. That little dog peed on my back seat.  I could NOT BELIEVE it!!  The only saving grace was that the seat was covered with a sheet, and I had several dog towels with me, too.  Bad dog.

Post Script: The mosquitoes and chiggers were about to carry me away!!!  I swatted the entire walk--and killed quite a few!  It wasn't until bedtime when I discovered I was COVERED in chigger bites. I wore capri-length work out pants, and all over my legs are bites. I've had to slather on the "Ivarest" lotion and Benadryl, too. I do NOT recommend this walk again until the fall or winter!
PSS: In the past, whenever I get poison ivy or some itching, annoying pain, I have taken it as an opportunity to be a reminder to pray for someone. So, as I was itching away Sunday, I was reminded to pray.  But prayer for whom? I prayed for daughter of a friend, 14-year-old Katie Kendall.  She has leukemia--but this week, while on a mission trip with my son, she has developed pneumonia. Itch-itch? Pray-pray!

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