Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hope Station to Pomaria with Ben

My friend Stacy Dickinson told me that sometimes you must force your kids to go do fun things with you, even when they don't want to.  She calls it MANDATORY FUN.
So today I announced to Ben that he was going to have some mandatory fun with his mom! The dogs were so excited to be going for another walk!  Dixiana tried hard to get up into the front seat. [I had to bribe Ben with Bojangles.  The front seat smelled so much more delicious than the back.]

 My traveling buddies: Ben, Fred, and Dixiana.  I will say that Ben walked SUPER fast, and my legs and feet are sore!
 There were lots of trestles on this walk because a creek meandered through the woods.

 And hidden back here was little campsite! Wouldn't that be a fun trip?

 These old railroad signs marked our path.  Perhaps it is marking miles from Columbia up toward Greenville.

 This old brick building was the first to greet us when we reached Pomaria.

Welcome to the Pomaria Trail Head!
Hope Station to Pomaria is about 3 miles long--so we did a 6 mile walk today!

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